About RUTC

The Rotman-UNIST Trading Competition (RUTC) is a two-day event that allows teams from universities across South Korea to participate in a simulated market. Its structure is similar to the very successful Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) held annually in Toronto, where 52 schools from around the world meet and compete in simulated markets.

The competition is predominantly structured around the Rotman Interactive Trader platform, a software simulation that creates an electronic market that participants use to trade with each other. The platform allows users to run simulation cases that are designed to test students’ ability to handle a variety of market scenarios.

The following case package provides an overview of the content to be presented at the Rotman-UNIST Trading Competition 2018. Each case has been specifically tailored to topics in university level classes and real-life trading simulations. We hope you enjoy your experience at the competition.