Greeting from Director

The center of oil hub of Northeast Asia
UNIST International Energy training center

The goal of Center for International Energy Trading is to research matters and support education for the successful promotion of Northeast Asia Oil hub. In order for the Tank terminal, (being built in Ulsan and Yeosu) to not to remain as an oil storage facility and to become the center of finance and oil trade, we need to attract and train trading experts, establish pricing information, and build finance infrastructure such as a clearing house/ commodity exchange.

For the construction of these businesses and finance infrastructure, our center will jointly perform research and tasks with foreign research agencies, and aim to become a hub for international oil related research and education. We look forward to your interest and support so Center for International Energy Trading can play a big role in becoming the world’s top four oil hubs, followed by Singapore.

Director of Center for International Energy Trading
Seo, Byoung Ki