Research Area

Global joint research for oil trade activation

Oil hub trade activation research support

  • Develop Northeast Asia oil standard price (UNIST+ City of Ulsan + OPIS①)
  • UNIST Commodity Index② development (UNIST + Platts/Argus)

OPIS: Oil Price Information Service. Among the world’s top three oil pricing agencies

UNIST Commodity Index: To judge Northeast Asia oil price and supply and demand trends quantitatively, planning to develop digitized index at UNIST

Perform Energy market analysis Research ability

  • Operate global energy market analysis lab (dealing room) by associating with Bloomberg/Thomson-Reuters
  • Perform joint research with Education Resources Information Center (ERICS) Perform joint research and NSS project participation

Education Resources Information Center (ERICS): network of scholars in information system field based on Europe, 20 institutions are participating and UNIST is participating from Korea

NSS(Networked Service Society): research project led by the German government, society researching some ERICS partners


  • Promote construction of oil trade center within Northeast Asia Oil hub and suggest guidelines
  • Hold international energy and oil market related international seminar and conference